Who We Are

Igniting Growth in Canada’s Tech Sector

TAP Network is a unique peer network for People and Culture professionals in Canada's tech sector to share their learnings and best practices.

Members have access to mentors, industry experts and a diverse peer community to help them innovate and collaborate to support their companies.

Our members also benefit from the latest tools and resources to design and implement meaningful programs at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to spearhead individually.

We're a credible source of industry insights - from our Tech Salary Survey to the Diversity in Tech Dashboard and more - offering Canada’s tech companies with the data and information they need to make timely, informed business decisions.

We have our finger on the pulse and are regularly sought out to provide up-to-date industry data and insights.

We encourage involvement, contribution, learning and mutual support. As a member-driven non-profit organization, volunteers play a big role in shaping and driving our programs and events.

Who We Are

Our Community

We work with 250 Canadian tech companies, from mid to large size in all sectors, such as Software Products and Services, AI, Data Science, Quantum Computing, Hardware Design, Development and Manufacturing, VFX and Animation, Video Game and Interactive Digital Media, Clean Tech, AgTech, Life Sciences and Healthcare Tech.

Our members range from People and Culture executives to mid-level People and Culture professionals and emerging practitioners who are building their professional careers and looking to learn and grow.

Female office workers sharing feedback with male colleagues

TAP Network – Celebrating 30 Years

The TAP Network Story – Celebrating 30 Years of Community

Thirty years ago, eight people took a risk on working together, to collaborate and lead. That's how we got started, and for three decades, it's been that tech industry spirit of collaboration and ‘roll-up-your-sleeves action’ that's gotten us collectively to where we are today.

We’re proud of our accomplishments and milestones as a community:

Our community started as 8 HR professionals at 8 tech companies coming together to form what was called the Compensation Exchange Group

Four years later, 35 companies were participating in our peer network and we changed our name to the “High Tech Exchange Group” to better reflect our expanded mandate of sharing progressive HR practices.

We grew to 45 companies and became a voice for the industry, creating the BC Employment Standards Act definition for "High Tech Professional" in 2000.

The Benefits Buying Plan was added to provide members with competitive benefits plans and significant cost savings through pooling of benefit premiums.

Providing thought leadership and a forum for tech company leaders and People and Culture practitioners to navigate growth and innovation.

By 2015 we were 130 companies strong and launched a recruitment campaign with the BC Government.

This was also the year we held our 7th Tech Talent Conference

The purpose of the project is to increase the attraction, retention and advancement of under-represented groups in skilled occupations in the tech sector.

We welcomed our first Alberta members and launched our Diversity in Tech Dashboard, measuring the diversity of BC's tech sector.

We’ve grown to a community of 900+ professionals at 250 member companies.

We evolved our name to “Tech and People Network” and hosted our 10th anniversary Tech Talent North Conference in both Vancouver (Tech Talent North – Western Edition) and for the first time, in Toronto (Tech Talent North – Eastern Edition). We also expanded our Tech Salary Survey and Diversity Dashboard into national reports.

Our Mission and Vision


Our mission is to connect, support and champion the needs of People and Culture professionals driving the growth and success of Canada's tech sector.

Our vision

is to be a catalyst for collaboration and inclusivity in Canada's tech sector.

Our Core Values


We connect tech companies through inclusive collaboration and peer learning. We leverage the collective power of our diverse network to bring benefit to our members.


We deliver valuable industry insights and resources for tech companies to make informed business decisions.


We are a proud voice of People and Culture professionals working in Canada’s tech sector and can be trusted to accurately represent the challenges, successes and future needs of our industry.