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Here you’ll find all kinds of tech perspectives and insights on Organizational Culture, Candidate Pipelines, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Engagement, Tech Industry Salaries, Employee Health & Wellness, and more!

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Learn Social-Bonding (Not Team Building) to Foster Relationships at Work

Get a higher ROI from your team's fun. Learn the most effective methods for creating trust. Foster long-term relationships on your team. 

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Tech and People Network's Year in Review

We are delighted to have celebrated 30 years of collaboration, impact and leadership this year with our members, alumni and the tech community!

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The Remote Work Revolution is Here to Stay

TAP Network’s Stephanie Hollingshead recently sat down with Ilya Brotzky – CEO at VanHack, for an insider look and discussion on the advantages for Canadian tech companies hiring global remote tech talent. 

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How Workplace Coaching Skills Improve Leaders' Time Management

3 ways being a more coach-like leader will improve your time management for the long term.

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How To Use Coaching Conversations to Boost Employee Engagement

Get a head start on improving employee engagement and learn how to start a coaching conversation in 5 steps. 

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Trends and Insights from TAP Network's 2022 Salary Survey

Canadian tech compensation shifted substantially in 2022 as companies responded to higher than normal voluntary turnover, an increase in global competition, and a wave of local layoffs.

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3 Ways Corporate Leadership Coaching Increases Productivity at Work

Do you want to boost your team’s productivity by over 30%? While it sounds too good to be true, corporate leadership coaching has been proven to increase productivity across the board—while positively impacting employee retention and engagement too. 

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5 Ways to Support Your Hybrid Team's Mental Health

Hybrid work is here to stay and poses a new set of challenges and opportunities. With mental health also being an important aspect of overall health for Canadians, it’s important to factor the unique challenges of hybrid work into your mental health strategy as an employer.

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Tech Industry Benefits Trends

As companies navigate the biggest workplace disruption in generations and the great resignation, we're seeing a shift in tech company benefit offerings to strengthen the workforce.

The 2022 TAP Network Benefits Survey showcases top priorities and future trends for employee benefits plans in tech. 

Read the blog post here.

Let's Celebrate Our 30th Birthday!

Over the past 30 years Tech and People Network (TAP Network) has created a place for a vibrant and diverse community of People and Culture professionals to connect, share knowledge, and inspire innovation...and we're celebrating a major milestone this year!

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Coach-Like Leadership: How you and your company can benefit. 

An organization’s ability to reach and surpass its goals is shaped by one thing: its leaders. 

While that may sound like a dramatic statement, the most brilliant strategy or well-designed product in the world is useless without an engaged, informed, and dedicated team to transform it into reality. 

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DE&I Tech Pilot Project Closes, Leaving a Legacy of Foundational Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources for Employer 

The 3-year pilot project has filled a critical gap in Canada’s tech ecosystem by support employers with the knowledge and tools they need to develop more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces..

Read the blog post  here.

Managing a Hybrid Workforce through Leadership


Done well, a hybrid work model can mitigate the risk of burnout. It can restore a degree of choice to employees, enable stronger interpersonal connections, and honour personal values.

But just how does a leader manage a hybrid workplace?

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Re-branding - 30 Years of Building Community Together! 

We re-branded in January 2022 and have evolved in response to our growing community.

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Why East Side Games chose to prioritize wellness for their team


With last year being the first winter with pandemic restrictions in place and a fully virtual workforce, East Side Games wanted to proactively address growing mental health challenges, and they wanted a fun team building opportunity for their team to connect.

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How Diverse is BC's Tech Sector? 

The 2021 Diversity in Tech Dashboard numbers are out!

Let's break down what they say. 

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The Cost of Tech Labour in Western Canada


The tech sector is booming and recruitment pressure is at an all time high.  What is this doing to the cost of tech sector labour in Western Canada? 

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Spoiler alert: it got a lot higher in 2021!


Truth and Reconciliation in Tech

September 30, 2021 marks Canada’s first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The day, which coincides with Orange Shirt Day, has been created to give everyone an opportunity to recognize and commemorate the legacy of Canadian residential schools.

What does this day mean for Canadian tech companies? 

What could it mean? 

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Interview with VanHack: Why Hire Internationally

 Our CEO, Stephanie Hollingshead, recently sat down with Ilya Brotzky, CEO of VanHack, global platform for tech talent, to chat about international hiring in what is a competitive job market for technology roles.

In their interview, Ilya provided compelling reasons to look further afield for tech talent. 

Read the blog post here.


Case Study: Adopting a People-Centric Approach to Wellness during the Pandemic

In late 2020, Klick Health knew they needed to continue adapting their employee wellness program for COVID. 

 Their people were feeling the effects of isolation from lockdown and virtual work, and Klick’s leadership team was concerned some might fall into a ‘pandemic slump’ from an eating and exercise perspective.

Read the blog post  here

Diversity in the Workplace through Mentorship

 DEI initiatives are more important than ever and mentorship programs are proven to make a difference.

Diversity focused mentorship programs support and empower minority employees in their careers, develop their skills and network to increase leadership succession, while fostering a strong company culture. 

Read the blog post here.

Rooting your DEI Strategy in Data and Analytics

Rooting a diversity, equity and inclusion strategy in data and analytics makes sense. We do this when we develop other business strategies. But it’s scary and generally met with lots of resistance. 

Read the blog post  here


Preparing for a Safe Return to the Office in 2021 

As vaccinations roll out in phases in Canada, it's important to start planning for a safe and gradual return to the office. 

What are some key recommendations to consider as you start planning your safe, gradual return to the office?

Read the blog post here.

Proven tips for landing top AI talent

Artificial intelligence is a new and emerging field and there are some unique characteristics to look for when hiring for AI roles. Here’s a list of things to keep in mind along with specific examples to help you find and secure top talent.

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Introverts and Extroverts - Who Wins at Home? 

Staying home under lockdown has given introverts the edge over extroverts – right? They have, after all, prepared for this scenario all their lives.

This post brings to life the conflicting virtual workplace needs of introverts and extroverts and provides tips to help manage the digital overwhelm.

Read the blog post here.

Current State of Diversification in BC's Tech Sector

A diverse and inclusive workplace culture drives innovation and new ideas and helps to attract, retain and develop talent.

So how diverse is BC’s tech sector?  ....   Keep reading here

Are you managing your group benefits costs? 

Annual group benefits costs in the tech industry have increased 15-20% over the past 2 years. 

Salary increases get much attention and scrutiny each year, but what about your group benefits costs? Do you scrutinize those each year? Or throw up your hands in frustration? 

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The Evolution of Employee Benefits

Digital transformation has been a well-trodden expression for a few years now. For many of us, it’s been vague and intangible and not especially pressing. Until COVID-19 hit. 

Is your employee benefits program evolving?

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B.C. tech salaries rise while other industries face freezes      and cuts

This is not a sector in slow down. We recently released our 2020 Tech Salary Survey,  which has data from over 22,000 incumbents at 150 BC and Alberta tech companies and  provides some pretty eye-opening information on the state of the sector. 

Read more here.

10 Tips for Remote Recruiting and On-Boarding

Remote recruiting and on-boarding is hard! Want some tips and perspectives from  an award-winning start-up, a high growth SME and a tech unicorn? Here are 10 tips and ideas from top tech companies. 

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