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Custom Surveys

Custom Surveys

All of our members have exclusive access to our complete databank of custom tech industry member surveys on various People and Culture related topics.

This is one of the ways we are building a community in which every member can share knowledge, learn new information and gain benchmark data to meet their organization’s immediate needs.

As a member, if you are in need of specific information not found in our survey databank, you can request a new custom survey. We’ll then conduct the survey and provide the results to all of our community. We have you covered with timely and relevant data so you can relax and focus on what you do best.

All these custom surveys complement our larger compensation & benefits surveys and can provide you, as a member, with valuable and timely information from your peer companies.

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Some examples of our recent custom surveys include topics like voluntary turnover, equity compensation, US paid time off and vacation practices, parental leave programs and relocation policies.

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The tech industry is growing and changing every day. Best practices are being discovered and technology has only made it easier to connect and share. There’s no need to keep information to yourself. Best practices are strengthened when shared.

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