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D&I Resource Hub

Want to create change?

CLICK HERE to visit TAP Network’s
Diversity & Inclusion Resource HUB,
the Canadian tech industry’s #1 destination for best-in-class diversity, equity and inclusion resources and tools.


The Resource HUB is a free online diversity and inclusion tool for the tech sector. It was created thanks to provincial and tech industry funding, along with community collaboration from dozens of organizations and individuals in the space. The website provides access to nearly 400 best-in-class Diversity and Inclusion resources and tools. 

The D&I Resource HUB provides employers with tools and information that can be used to integrate D&I practices, build a culture of inclusiveness and support women, Indigenous peoples, people of colour, people with disabilities, newcomers to Canada, individuals who identify as LGBTQIAS+, and all underrepresented groups to succeed in the tech sector. 

The D&I Resource HUB includes benchmarking resources that companies can use to measure and benchmark the diversity of their workforce. It also includes checklists, templates, case studies, sample policies, training modules and links to other useful materials that can be directly implemented into any organization. Users of the site can view resources for specific designated groups and for various employee life cycle stages. While it is targeted for use by the tech sector, it’s an open site that is available to all

CLICK HERE to visit our
Diversity & Inclusion Resource HUB