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D&I Benchmarking Resources

D&I Benchmarking Resources

We invite all of our member companies to join us on this journey to help our industry better represent the world we live in, and to create spaces where each individual feels comfortable bringing their whole self to work.

In this section you’ll find resources to support our member organizations with Measuring Diversity.

You can now measure your Organization’s Diversity and help us collectively measure industry-wide diversity!

TAP Network is gathering data on the representation of underrepresented groups within tech to establish a baseline of the current representation of women, indigenous peoples, people with disabilities, visible minorities and individuals who identify as 2SLGBTQQIA+.

This data will allow us to measure year-over-year industry-wide progress.

In order to achieve this, we are asking you, our members, to collect diversity data from your employees and submit this demographic data with your annual salary survey submission.

Doing this will also provide your organization with valuable data on your diversity!


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To help you introduce this D&I initiative to your organization and engage your employees in the process, we have developed a series of tools for you to leverage:

  • Questionnaire for Employees – Download here
  • Manager Communication – Download here
  • Employee Announcement – Download here
  • Employee FAQ’s – Download here


TAP Network, in partnership with Mercer, introduced this benchmarking initiative in January 2020, to measure D&I data for member companies. For an overview of the initiative and to learn more about supporting employees in implementing diversity and inclusion you can view the Recorded Webinar here.

In this webinar, the Mercer consulting team and TAP Network provide an overview of the benchmarking initiative, timelines, process and resources and answer questions. We recommend watching the recording if you missed the webinar. 

Important Notes for Collecting, Storing and Submitting Benchmark Data:

  • The questionnaire is intended to be put into a survey format (electronic or paper) so data can be properly collected and stored.
  • If the employee questionnaire is anonymous, all staff will need to be re-surveyed each time you want to measure your organization's progress on diversity. 
  • If the questionnaire is non anonymous, and Name and/or Employee ID are collected, only new hires need to be surveyed upon hire. The recommended approach is to collect Name and/or Employee ID.
  • Responses should be stored as confidential and personal employee data. Confidentiality is critical to success. The data must be stored in a secure place with limited access, and it must not be accessible to employees' managers. 
  • Encourage all employees to complete the survey, even if the employee does not identify with any of these groups. No response does not equal “white heterosexual male”, for example. It equals no data.
  • In order to benchmark organizational diversity on an on-going basis, it is recommended that companies ask their new hires to self-report during the on-boarding process.
  • A best practice is to communicate annually to all employees, reiterating why diversity is important to your organization, and encouraging those who haven’t reported to report, and encouraging those who feel they self-identify differently to re-report so their data can be updated.
  •  Additional questions could be considered for the questionnaire. For example, some organizations track representation of veterans or refugees.
  • Timing and process for submitting data - Mercer collects diversity data from participating companies as part of the TAP Network Salary Survey submissions each April/May. Mercer will analyze the data and in September/October, the annual industry-wide findings will be reported in an Industry Benchmarking Report. 
  • TAP Network does not receive company or individual data. The data is submitted directly and confidentially to the Mercer survey team.