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FAQ Membership

Frequently Asked Questions about our Membership

Will I be able to access the Salary Survey when I become a member?

Access to our Salary Survey is not automatically granted after becoming a member. Companies receive access to the survey after they have participated in it. Our survey cycle typically kicks off each May, and the results are typically released each September.

Will I be able to purchase the currently available Salary Survey when I become a member, or do I need to wait until I participate in the next survey?

Of course, you can purchase the current Salary Survey at any time! As a member, you are eligible for a $300 CAN discount on the non-participant price of the survey.

And when you participate in the next survey cycle, you can pay the participant rate and receive online access to the survey data through Mercer’s WIN system.

When is our invoicing & annual membership cycle?

We invoice members annually for their membership and the salary survey participation rate.

Our membership year begins on August 1st up to July 31st. Invoices are sent in June of each year and are due by July 31st.

My company would like to join but doesn’t want to participate in the salary survey. Can I still become a member?

Sorry, but a requirement for membership is to participate and purchase our Salary Survey each membership year.

When do we get to participate in the Salary Survey as a member and when are the results released?

Member companies submit Salary Survey data each year in the spring (generally in the May time frame), and the results are released in early September.

My company isn’t part of the high tech space, but we have a lot of tech workers. Can I still become a member?

We have several member companies who are employers of large populations of tech talent, however they’re not classified as a High Tech company. If you have a division operating in Canada whose core function is within the tech space, you’re likely eligible to become a member.

If this is the case, please contact us at for more detail on memberships!

I’ve just submitted my membership application. What’s the next step?

All membership applications are reviewed and approved by us. Now that you’ve submitted your application you can expect to hear from us within 2-3 business days to share the next steps.

I’ve just purchased the salary survey online, but I haven’t received my survey data. When will I receive it?

After we receive your purchase request, a team member will contact you within 2 business days with the Salary Survey data.

Why isn’t the membership open to tech companies with less than 30 employees?

Remember that everything we do is about growing and learning together; one of the big benefits of our membership is our peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities.

We’ve set a requirement for a minimum company size of 30 employees because this is the size where typically companies have a dedicated HR, People and Culture representative.

In addition, this is typically the size where companies have some formal structure to their compensation practices, which ensures integrity of the data submitted for our Salary Survey.

If your company isn't quite this size but you're growing and you're keen to participate in our community, reach out and let's chat.  

If you need any assistance feel free to contact us at !


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