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Salary Survey

Canada's Tech Salary Survey

What is the Tech Salary Survey?

Imagine having access to the critical compensation data you need, gathered from relevant tech companies in your sector,  giving you a clear picture of local salaries, total compensation, policy data, and more. That is our Tech Salary Survey!

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Our group, in partnership with Mercer, releases the annual Tech Salary Survey in early September each year.

For more than 20 years this survey has been the definitive resource for the Tech sector in BC, setting a new standard and providing value for our members. In 2020, the survey expanded geographically to include Alberta, and in 2022 it is expanding to include national data across Canada

The survey benefits the whole tech industry as non-member companies can access it as well, through purchase.

Our 2021 survey includes data on more than 25,000 incumbents, provided by 184 technology companies operating in Canada. The survey includes data from several national and international organizations.

  • ICT / Clean Tech / Wireless/ Life Sciences – software system engineers, engineers, QA & Testing, multiple production jobs, hardware engineers, application development, product managers, web designers, software support, big data developers, data scientists and more!
  • VFX & Animation / Digital Media- animators, visual effects (lighting, technical, etc); modeling, 2D/3D Concept artists, compositors, front end /UI Artists, game designers, producers, programmers, level designers, audio designers, art directors and more!
  • Multiple jobs in Sales, Marketing & Communication, Finance, Human Resources, & Legal
  • Data can be sorted and viewed by tech sector, size of business, annual revenue, geography and number of employees.


The survey price for non-participants is $2,395 CAN (plus GST). If you would like to become a member of our group and save up to 65% off our annual survey when you participate, please visit our Member Benefits page here to learn more about the association and complete your Application for Membership here.

To view who participated in our 2021 Tech Salary Survey click here!  Please reach out to us at for details.

Please note that our 2021 Tech Salary Survey material is branded HR Tech Group as our name changed to TAP Network in January 2022, after the 2021 survey was published. 

Key Features:

  • Data on 215 positions analyzed by size, type of organization, location and sub industry.
  • Employment practices like salary forecasts, overtime, perks and benefits, vacation, paid time off and more.
  • Incumbent – weighted and company – weighted statistics for all cash compensation results.
  • Comprehensive statistics, including upper and lower decile, quartile, median and average.
  • Details on short and long – term incentive awards.
  • Attraction and retention metrics.


Click here for a graphical summary of the 2021 survey, the participant list, sample output of the compensation data and the table of contents for the HR Policy Survey.   

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Our group offers a $200 CAN discount off the retail price to BC Tech members!

If your organization is currently a BC Tech member please reach out to us at: for your discount code!