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Thank you for visiting our Testimonials page where you can read some of the things our members are saying about us.

Prefer to watch a video? Hear from TAP Network leaders and members in  this short video.  

General Membership:

“The TAP Network truly champions the needs of our industry.  Whether through professional development opportunities, knowledge sharing, or valuable resources at our fingertips, TAP Network strives to keep its members at the forefront of the industry. In addition, our organization has benefited greatly for over 12 years with the Group Benefits Buying Plan – reducing our costs and increasing our purchasing power so that we can provide our employees with the best extended health and dental options.” 

Natasha Gordon, Senior Director, Human Resources – Ntirety

“The TAP Network membership is an affordable and valuable way for those seeking professional development, networking opportunities and compensation benchmarking in BC. The annual salary survey is easy to participate in and we get valuable data for the local workforce which is not always easy to obtain for benchmarking otherwise. The association offers many events (both in person and webinar) throughout the year so there are plenty of opportunities to learn and network. The topics are constantly changing to reflect current demands in the world of HR for those in tech.”

Mimi Cranwill, HR Business Partner, Sierra Systems

“I have always found my experience with the TAP Network to be incredibly valuable, for both my organization and for myself personally. The networking opportunities, learning opportunities and ability to socialize with people in my industry (especially as I often work alone or in a small team) have been wonderful. I would credit the TAP Network as having had a big positive impact on my career.”

– Member

“TAP Network stays on the cutting edge of what’s happening in our tech ecosystem and provides a forum to organize around specific issues, work with government and move the industry forward as it has done with immigration policies, high tech employment standards and diversity and inclusion programs. I‘ve been a continuous member for about 20 years because of the high ROI, which has only grown and gotten better with time. I highly recommend membership!”

Kelli Forster, Senior Vice President People and Culture, Nano One Materials

“There are many interesting, valuable and insightful SIGs offered. It is easy to stay on top of HR related topics, news, trends and changes thanks to the weekly newsletter, surveys and sessions.  I enjoy the weekly emails; I feel connected to the TAP Network.

Thanks for all you do to provide development opportunities and help us continue to be well informed as HR professionals.”

– Member


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Education Sessions:

“Thank you for an excellent session. I’m now more confident in how to reach out to the respective agencies in the event we want to hire outside the country. I’ve already had Stephanie from BCPNP contact me – what a great service she provides. Thanks again and see you at future sessions.” 

– Alyson Cuthbertson, Manager Human Resources, e-One Moli Energy


Play the video we made of our 2019 conference! (Note: We were called HR Tech Group at the time)

Benefits Buying Plan:

“Our company switched to the HR Tech benefits buying plan in 2018. It was important to maintain or improve the excellent benefit package for our employees when considering the change. The cost savings were immediate, and the implementation was smooth with the assistance of our benefits consultant. This was a good move for us and our employees are very happy with the benefits that are currently provided by Sun Life.”

– Alyson Cuthbertson; Manager, Human Resources, e-One Moli Energy.

“Providing a great benefits plan to employees is important to Ntirety.  We have been able to achieve this through the HR Tech Group Benefits Buying Plan and the consultants at HUB.   The Buying Plan has reduced our costs while increasing our negotiating power – this is especially important to us given that we have a smaller staff group in BC than the rest of North America.  We have had full autonomy in our plan design while negotiating and retaining excellent premiums. The consultants at HUB have been excellent to work with, providing a never-ending source of knowledge and expertise in their field.”

– Natasha Gordon – Senior Director Human Resources, Ntirety

“I have been a part of the TAP Network Benefits plan with my last three companies.  There are two reasons I keep coming back.

1) The service: The HUB team consistently provides our team with excellent customer service. They are responsive, knowledgeable and tenacious with providers. They have the knowledge to back my company up against the big insurance companies and find compromise when none existed. I recently rejoined the TAP Network Buying Plan after a horrible experience with an inherited broker and insurer. The team stepped in and negotiated a mutually acceptable settlement, which would not have been possible before. I also really enjoy the High Tech Benefits survey and the insights it provides. I love that I can get the benefits of being part of a larger group while still having the autonomy to design the best plan for my workforce.

2) The cost savings: I remember presenting the design of the Benefits plan to the board at a small biotech start-up and a number of the board members asked if they could join because the breadth of the offering was greater than what they had at their company and for far less % of salary. When Blast Radius joined the group the initial savings were 9%. For D-Wave, the initial savings were 11.6% which allowed us to reinvest in better coverage. In addition to the initial savings, HUB continues to aggressively manage the TAP Network Buying plan costs, allowing me confidence in the predictability of the rates.

I am very satisfied with the TAP Network Benefits Buying Plan and I highly recommend it for both large and small employers.”

– Elizabeth Barnard – Vice President People Operations, OSI Maritime Systems

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Mentoring Program:

“I am so grateful for having been part of the TAP Network mentorship program in the role of mentor. My mentee and I have carried our relationship forward for more than a year following our introduction through the program and I continue to learn as much from her as I hope she does from me. The bringing together of people who can grow and learn alongside each other is an ongoing gift from this program.

– Cheryl Gifford, Senior Manager People Partners, Hootsuite

“I learnt so much from my mentor. She provided highly valuable and helpful advice on HR challenges/projects I am currently working on. In addition to that she also helped me navigate through complex/complicated items relating to my career growth and path.”

– Member

Salary Survey:

“BC Tech Salary Survey is one of the most comprehensive and robust compensation analysis tools our organization has come across. The compensation data is collected and analyzed by Mercer, an internationally recognized and reputable vendor. The data is specific to British Columbia, which helps us benchmark positions more accurately and ensure we remain competitive in the local market. The Salary Survey tool allows us to analyze data by organization size, number of incumbents, revenue and industry, which makes it a very easy and positive user experience. We have been purchasing BC Tech Salary Survey since 2016 and this product has become our main compensation analysis tool.”

– Olga Radutsky, CPHR, Human Resources Manager