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Who We Are


Who we Are
We are a community of People and Culture professionals committed to driving the growth and success of Canada's tech sector. 
As a non-profit organization, TAP Network exists to support a strong and diverse technology employment sector because we believe that a strong and diverse technology sector helps our communities  to thrive.
How we do it

We provide our members with access to tech sector data, mentors, industry experts and an inclusive peer community to drive innovation, collaboration and results. Through our programs and events, we foster peer-to-peer connections and collaboration that enable learning and knowledge sharing.

When we connect our diverse network of professionals, we harness the power of the collective.

Igniting Tech Sector Growth in Canada

We believe in the power of people.

Our mission is to connect, support and champion the needs of People and Culture professionals driving the growth and success of Canada's tech sector.

Our vision is to be a catalyst for collaboration and inclusivity in Canada's tech sector. 

Our Core Values

COMMUNITY – We connect tech companies through inclusive collaboration and peer learning. We leverage the collective power of our diverse network to bring benefit to our members.

IMPACT – We deliver valuable industry insights and resources for tech companies to make informed business decisions.

LEADERSHIP – We are a proud voice  of People and Culture professionals working in Canada’s tech sector and can be trusted to accurately represent the challenges, successes and future needs of our industry.


Our Story

The year was 1992. A handful of senior HR practitioners were navigating the rapidly growing tech industry and they saw the need for peers to share data and compare practices. That’s how TAP Network was born.

And then they recognized the importance of building a community to share progressive People and Culture practices, equipping members to contribute to the success of their own organizations and contributing to the overall strength of the tech industry… and here we are!

We started with 8 practitioners at 8 companies and today our group includes over 800 members at 225+  Canadian tech companies!

Our Impact

Together our members and volunteers created the industry definition of the “High Tech Professional” and “High Tech Company” for the provision of B.C.’s Employment Standards Regulations, which apply specifically to the high tech sector.

Federally, we worked to implement an immigration pilot program for fast-tracking tech workers. We also work with provincial government authorities on current immigration challenges for the industry.

We have represented provincial tech industries by partnering with local and national organizations at international recruitment fairs, to attract talent and create a strong ecosystem for tech companies.

Our annual Salary Survey has provided critical industry data for over 25 years and become the definitive source of compensation data for Western Canada's tech sector.... and in 2022 we're excited to be  expanding the survey nationally.   

We have built diversity and inclusion resources and training programs to increase the attraction, retention and advancement of under-represented groups in skilled occupations in Canada's Tech sector. We are also measuring diversity in the tech sector with an annual benchmark report.

We are a proud voice of People an Culture professionals working in Canada's tech sector and can be trusted to accurately represent the challenges, successes and future needs of our industry. 

Our Present

Today, the sharing of knowledge and data continues to be the core of what we do and and our membership is established and wide-ranging. Our members come from many of Canada's most prominent tech companies, from established corporations to innovative, high-growth start-ups.  

We've created a unique peer learning network for People and Culture professionals in Canada's tech sector to share their learnings and best practices. Members have access to mentors, industry experts and a diverse peer community to help them innovate and collaborate to support their companies. Our members also benefit from the latest tools and resources to design and implement meaningful programs at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to spearhead individually. 

We're a credible source of industry insights - from our Tech Salary Survey to the Diversity in Tech Dashboard and more - offering our members data and information they need to make timely, informed business decisions. We have our finger on the pulse, and are regularly sought out to provide up-to-date industry data and insights. 

We encourage involvement, contribution, learning and mutual support. As a member-driven non-profit organization, volunteers have a big role in shaping and driving our programs and events.

Our Members

We work with over 225 Canadian tech companies, from mid to large size in all sectors, such as Software Products and Services, AI, Data Science, Quantum Computing, Hardware Design, Development and Manufacturing, VFX and Animation, Interactive and Digital Entertainment, Clean Tech, AgTech, Life Sciences and Healthcare Tech . Our members also include tech divisions of non-tech companies.

Our members range from People and Culture executives to mid-level People and Culture professionals and emerging practitioners who are building their professional careers and looking to learn and grow.

To maintain our core focus of peer-to-peer and company-to-company exchange, as well as the integrity and relevance of our Salary Survey data, all member companies need to be tech sector companies or divisions, have a minimum of 30 employees and a dedicated People and Culture representative.

Want to become a member? We welcome you here!

Curious to see how our funds earned are put to use

supporting the tech industry? 

We're a not-for-profit association, powered by volunteers and governed by BC's Society Act. Funds received are used to provide our community with:

  • Learning and development programs and events
  • Diversity and Inclusion resources to increase the attraction, retention and advancement of under-represented groups in skilled occupations in the tech sector
  • Mentoring programs
  • Collaboration and information sharing
  • A collective voice to help shape progressive legislation and government programs  
  • Sustainable and competitive benefits coverage for employees
  • Benchmarking data and reports, and
  • Information and resources to keep People and Culture professionals up-to-date on legislative changes, industry trends and best practices